Whirlpool Top Load Set Electric Dryers


Whirlpool Top Load Set Electric Dryers


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The Whirlpool Top Load Set includes an electric dryer model WED5100HW1 and a washer model WTW5100HW.

The WED5100HW1 electric dryer has a 7.4 cubic feet capacity, making it suitable for larger loads. It features an AccuDry sensor drying system which measures moisture and temperature levels to prevent over-drying and conserve energy. The dryer also has a Wrinkle Shield option which uses intermittent tumbling to keep clothes wrinkle-free.

The WTW5100HW washer has a 4.7 cubic feet capacity and is designed to handle large loads. It features a dual-action agitator which uses nine powerful spray jets to thoroughly clean clothes. The washer also has a Quick Wash cycle which cleans small, lightly soiled loads in just 30 minutes. Additionally, the washer has a Deep Water Wash option which adds extra water to the wash cycle to ensure that heavily soiled clothes are thoroughly cleaned.

Both the WED5100HW1 electric dryer and the WTW5100HW washer are designed with user-friendly controls and are easy to operate. They are also Energy Star certified, which means they are energy-efficient appliances that help to save on energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall, the Whirlpool Top Load Set is a great choice for those who need a high-capacity washer and dryer set that can handle large loads and provide efficient and effective cleaning and drying.

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